Straight Razor & Kamisori Honing


Straight Razor & Kamisori Honing (Sharpening):

Has your straight razor been feeling dull lately? Have you been pulling or tugging more than usual while shaving? If yes, then your razor may need to be re-sharpened or honed.

I am currently offering straight razor honing services. They start at $20.00 per razor for a basic hone due to normal usage (this should be done every couple months depending on your shaving frequency and beard type). Your razors will have to be shipped to Glendale Heights, Illinois. You can also drop off the razors in person.

I also hone Japanese kamisoris using a 1:1 ratio.

Razors I *DO NOT* Hone:

Please ensure that the brand of your razor is not listed on the The Shave Library - Razors to Avoid List. These razors are made of a type of metal not fit for honing and shaving.

What do I do?

I hone razors which may or may not have been shave-ready; I also fix chips and rebuild bevels. A 4k/8k/12k progression is used followed by 50x wool felt, 50x leather. 1 to 2 layers of electrical tape is applied to the spine in order to keep hone-ware at minimum.

I only shave with razors I have personally honed.

Razors will be shave tested, sanitized with Barbicide, oiled, and will be returned in a heavily padded envelope, unless an alternate method is requested. Typical turnaround time is 1-2 weeks per razor, not including shipping. RETURN SHIPPING IS FREE.

Before sending me your razor, please ensure that you don't send Chinese or Pakistani razors, and novelty knives made to look like razors because they just don't hold the edge well.

How do I test my honed razors?

I don't believe in the so-called "hanging hair" or "thumbnail" tests. The only way to test a straight razor is by shaving with it. The only downside is that I have to shave with a razor, re-hone if necessary, and shave with it again in order to call it a "pass." This process takes time and patience.

Who am I?

I grew up in a country where shaving with a straight razor is still a norm; multi-blade razors are expensive and rare to find. People still use locally made artisan shaving soaps and creams.

Furthermore, my grandfather shaved with a straight razor which he maintained himself by stropping it on old newspapers and belts, and used a glass bottle as a finishing stone.

I, myself, have been shaving full-time with straight razors for a long time and love sharpening them. I also have experience honing and shaving with traditional Japanese kamisoris.

How To Order?

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Customer Feedback:

"Everything exactly as advertised, delivered as promised. Does a good job." - Mike M. from California.

"I got them and shaved with the Wentworth, thanks a lot for your work and the shave cream." - Travis P. from Illinois.

"SRH, Thank You the wait was well worth it. I tried to check your ebay listing and your website to see where I could leave feedback. The DOVO BISMARCK Pearl White with Gold I sent you shaves beautifully. I sent that Razor out to 2 so called professional honers, that charge double to three times as much as you charge, to be disappointed both times. These so called GURUs couldn't get the razor sharp to shave with. But you my friend came to the rescue and honed the razor to perfection. I have no idea how you can charge these low prices, For anybody who isn't sure about sending the razor to SRH for honing, trust me "Hands down the BEST Honing Service." - Zamil A.

Payments Accepted:

I accept personal checks (or cheques), cash, Bitcoin, and Paypal.

Photo Gallery:

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Two Water Stones Three Customer Razors 4000 grit Norton water stone
Frederick Reynolds 6/8 Straight Razor Mass metal polish Wade and Butcher 7/8 Straight Razor